The story of our oil mill has deep roots and an extensive family tradition that goes back to our paternal grandparents, who were from the splendid city of Todi. 

We remember them and think of their lives and what they achieved every time that we admire Todi
from our privileged position.

The choice of the brand name, “I POTTI”, which means “the children” in the Todi dialect, is a homage to our paternal roots, while the Perugian roots of the family have inspired the name of the oils, from the purest dialect of our land.

I have had great passion for oil since when I was young, a
passion that was passed down to me by my grandmother Giselda.

I can still recall spending Sundays in her kitchen, when she asked me: “Are there any olives this year?”. For her, as for all the old people in our region, oil and bread were a symbol of security in taking on winter.

Inspired my childhood, I decided to create an olive mill combining looks and functionality, and dedicated my first three oils to my grandmother, my mother and my father: respectively in Perugian dialect “Ta Té”, “Ta Lìa”, “Ta Lù”. 

With my wife and sisters, we created this place so that we can be together as a family, to always feel united and to preserve our roots. 

The “I POTTI” oil mill has become a place where people meet, where everybody can discover our passion for high-quality oil, and also for the history and culture of our land.

We are proud to have created a company that celebrates tradition and innovation, love for one’s family and land. 

Our aim is to continue to cultivate these roots, to make them ever stronger and to share the flavours and aromas of our lands around the world.


Ta Té 500ml

Itrana 500ml

Ascolana 500ml

Ta Lía 500ml

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