I chose to create an oil mill with a strong design, an ambitious project that is a genuine challenge.

Of course, some people will see it as being a whim rather than a necessity, but I am convinced that it is the right decision.

I have resolved to be the driving force of a new generation of oil mills that are impressive not only because of the quality of their machinery and their efficiency in the oil extraction process, but also because of how clients are welcomed.

We have combined the modernity of corten, glass and travertine found inside with the classic feel of the oil mill outside, which is reminiscent of old Umbrian farmhouses. 

We have included traditional details such as the marble window frames and the decorations under the gutters.

The result is unique, evocative architecture, set in a breathtaking landscape.

The goal is to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, a place that opens its doors to reveal the secrets of our high-quality oil.

The design of the oil mill was created to provide a unique experience for visitors, in which the beauty of the architecture joins with the goodness of the extra-virgin olive oil. 

A new concept of olive mill that has been designed to welcome people, to make them feel at home, but also to surprise, to produce a unique and unforgettable experience.

Matteo Fratini


Ta Té 500ml

Itrana 500ml

Ascolana 500ml

Ta Lía 500ml

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