Be the first to taste our fresh olive oil!

In mid-October, we will be ready to unveil the unique and unmistakable flavor of freshly pressed olive oil. This is the perfect time to reserve your bottle of new oil directly from our website.

Why should you do it?

  • Unrivaled Freshness: Our new oil is extracted from freshly harvested olives, ensuring the most authentic freshness.
  • Intense Flavor: Experience the intense aroma and flavor of freshly pressed olives right at your table.
  • Tradition and Quality: Our olive mill is committed to bringing Umbria to your table in every drop of oil.
  • Exclusivity: L’Novo bottles are limited, make sure not to miss the opportunity to savor this Umbrian treasure.

How does it work?

  1. Book now: Click the button below to reserve your bottles of new oil.
  2. Delivery in Mid-October: You will receive your oil directly at your doorstep in mid-October, just after bottling.
  3. Savor the Nature: Sit at the table, drizzle a thread of new oil onto your plate, and delight your palate with Umbria in every bite.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Book now and get ready for an extraordinary culinary experience!

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